How a leading RV, Marine and Powersports Recruitment company drove client’s revenue potential by $72million, Year to Date 

Story that draws in Undiscovered RV Talent

A unique strategic storytelling recruitment solution Source Recruitment Group chose to weave traditional executive recruitment techniques with traditional staffing recruitment techniques to create a market leading blue executive approach that helped their clients reach a larger talent audience and offer their opportunities to potential passive candidates who traditionally wouldn’t know the roles existed.

“Before SRG, getting talented RV professionals and Technicians was a bit of an advertisement lottery. How they find and engage with talent is sometimes hard to work out.” – Leading VP of HR, RV and Powersports

Results that Speak Volumes

With a single 12 month campaign,

Our client  saw:

  • 80+ fixed operations professionals
  • 35 Starters
  • 20 Branded Technicians
  • 70% decrease in candidate turnover
  • $8million + in service GP potential
  • 90% service bay utilization throughout the dealer group.

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