Tricia R. Zrinzo

VP of RV Division

Career background:

My journey in the staffing industry began back in 2005, specializing in fleet and automotive temporary staffing. Later on, I ventured into starting a company in NE Ohio that focused on full facilities outsourcing in non-clinical hospital systems. That endeavor grew to become the largest temporary staffing company in the region. At the age of 29, I was honored to be nominated as one of the top 30 under 30 leaders in NE Ohio. Recently, I was recognized as the Top Billing Manager for 2022 and our office received the Top Office award for the same year.

3 words that sum up your recruiting approach:

Systematic, Interpersonal, Connections!

What do you bring to team SRG?

I bring a confident willingness to learn and grow, coupled with many years of experience that encompass both victories and challenges. Every win and every loss along the way has shaped me into the person I am today.

Top Recruiting tip:

My top recruiting tip is simple—be the recruiter that you would want to work with. Remember to follow up promptly, pay attention to the details, communicate effectively and don’t forget to share a laugh with your candidates along the way.

What do you drive ?

While we have a variety of vehicles, my all-time favorite is my 1982 C3 Corvette Collector Edition. There’s nothing quite like cruising with the tops off in my beloved car, which I call my Golden Child.

Can you change a tire ?

Absolutely! Changing a tire is one of the first skills my dad taught me when I turned 16.

If you could take a trip in an RV anywhere, where would you go?

I’d pack up an RV full of adventure with my 5 dogs, 5 kids and my partner, heading straight to the beautiful California coast! Since I grew up in San Diego, I’d love to show my family the places that hold special memories for me—Mission Beach, where I rode my first roller coaster, Laguna Beach, where I learned to surf and Venice Beach, where I accomplished my first pull-up at Muscle Beach. And, of course, we’d end our trip with a ride on the Santa Monica Pier ferris wheel, enjoying some delicious Italian Ice Cream.

Boat or motorbike? And who would you take?

Although we already have 3 motorcycles, I’d have to choose a boat for a change of pace and some new adventures LOL! It would be me, my partner and two trusty fishing poles, ready for a memorable time on the open water.