Stephen Sweeney


Career background:

With over 20 years of international recruitment experience, I’ve had the privilege of connecting talented individuals with great opportunities worldwide.

3 words that sum up your recruiting approach:

Direct, Professional, Caring!

What do you bring to team SRG?

Besides a wealth of knowledge and experience in recruitment, I bring a passion for building strong teams and fostering a positive work culture.

Top Recruiting tip:

Perseverance pays off! I always remind myself to keep going because the ideal candidate is just a call away.

What do you drive? Can you change a tire?

Well, you’ll spot me cruising in my Mercedes EQB and yes, I can definitely change a tire if the need arises!

If you could take a trip in an RV anywhere, where would you go?

I’ve always dreamed of exploring Yellowstone Park.

Boat or motorbike?

Neither! I appreciate the need for speed, I must admit that a fast car is my preferred choice.