Emma Platt

Team Leader - RV

Career background:

I have only recently returned to working within recruitment, having last worked a perm desk 20+ years ago. My career went on hold while I had my children and through my experiences as a parent I fell into working within Speech and language as an assistant working in both primary and secondary schools within London. After a couple of years I was asked to open and run the company’s private clinic as well as continuing to work with therapists running intervention groups and 1:1 sessions as well as setting up and running parent support groups. I have now been back recruiting for a year and it’s been a steep learning curve in many ways but I’ve enjoyed overcoming every challenge and look forward to continuing to progress.

3 words that sum up your recruiting approach:

Personable, Empathetic and Adaptable.

What do you bring to team SRG?

I bring the “softer stuff”! Expect a friendly and smiley face in my emails. I pride myself on being a good listener and providing support to my colleagues. With a strong work ethic, creativity, and a willingness to go the extra mile, I contribute positively to the team dynamic.

Top Recruiting tip:

Don’t take it personally! Following established processes, while maintaining resilience, discipline, and determination, is crucial for success in recruitment. Remember, it’s not rocket science, but it does require perseverance.

What do you drive? Can you change a tire?

I drive a Skoda, a practical car for accommodating kids and dogs. Unfortunately, I can’t change a tire myself, but I know someone who can! I get in, change the radio station, and occasionally remember to refuel.

If you could take a trip in an RV anywhere, where would you go?

With so many choices, I’d make it an adventure by randomly putting a pin on the map. The world offers breathtaking landscapes, from mountains and valleys to lakes and sandy shores with crystal-clear seas. Along the way, I cherish the opportunity to meet a diverse mix of people.

Boat or motorbike? And who would you take?

I’d opt for a yacht with a sail in clear blue seas, a polished deck where I can relax, read, daydream, and enjoy an Aperol Spritz. Ideally, I’d go with my husband, but if he’s busy, a bunch of girlfriends.